Gluten Free Corn Cakes

Are you tired of the usual rice and potato sides?  When you’re gluten free, it can really get monotonous.  So tonight I thought I’d try something different.  Popular in the South, I had (can you believe) never had corn cakes before.  I just made a small batch for the two of us to taste, and wow, we both loved them.  Corn Cakes would be a fun and easy side for a BBQ dinner or potluck.  You can easily double or triple the recipe, and add more or less spice to suit your family’s taste.  Making them gluten free was easy, just by swapping out the flours.

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4 Servings



Whisk together the flour, corn meal, salt, baking powder and seasoning.  In another bowl, whisk the egg, milk and oil.

I took my corn kernels out to defrost about 30 minutes earlier.  Stir them into the egg mixture to finish thawing while you heat your griddle or skillet.

Stir the dry ingredients into the wet.  You will have about 1 of cup batter.

When I first made this recipe, I used a large nonstick skillet.  Today I made them on my new waffle maker because I wanted to try out the pancake plates.  I preheated it to 350° and brushed with butter.  I ladled the batter into the 4 pancake cups, about 1/4 cup each.

Cook them for about 4 minutes, until the bottoms are set and you can see a few bubbles in the batter.

Carefully turn them over with a spatula and cook 3-4 minutes longer.

Check the center with a toothpick, if it comes out dry, they are done.  Serve hot or at room temperature.

This is a fun side that goes with so many things, from your favorite BBQ fare to a casual steak dinner.

Notes: ♪♫ I used this Mexican Spice Blend to kick up the flavor of my corn cakes.  Made with Chipotle Chile, cumin, onion powder and oregano, it is a salt free blend with some heat!  Since the recipe already has salt and baking powder, I didn’t want to add more sodium.  If salt isn’t an issue for you, you can sub your favorite gluten free seasoned salt and make it as mild or spicy as you like!

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