Hello foodie friends, welcome to My Gluten Free Cucina.

About me…

My name is Leslie!  I’m an experienced home cook who has had a lifelong love affair with bread and pasta.  I am Italian.  Over the years I have spent many a Sunday afternoon creating artisan sourdough loaves and handmade pasta here in my Cranston, RI kitchen.

Oh, but doesn’t life take unexpected twists and turns?  In late summer of 2017, after years (decades!) of misdiagnosed symptoms, I learned that I have Celiac disease.

Gluten Free…

I began this journey with no other advice than to “eat a gluten free diet”.  I mourned the loss of my beloved breads and pasta, and like so many I struggled with the disappointment of gluten free substitutes.  But like it or not, I knew that for the sake of my health I would have to eat this way for the rest of my life.

Back in the Kitchen…

Decades of cooking experience could not have prepared me for this new challenge.  The ingredients, techniques and recipes that I had grown so comfortable with all my life had to change, so I began learning to cook and bake all over again.  At first there were a few successes, and many failures.  I will be forever grateful to my late husband, who happily ate every concoction I brought to the table and supported me every step of the way.

Fast forward…

So, what is it like these days to be completely gluten free?  The good news is, it gets easier.  Today I can say that I am once again comfortable and confident in my kitchen and can serve up a wonderful meal any day of the week!

Come on in…

I started My Gluten Free Cucina to share my love of cooking with others like me, who must follow a strict gluten free diet.  This blog is for you, as well as anyone who cooks for a gluten free family member or friend.  All my recipes focus on cooking from scratch with healthy fresh ingredients.  You will find inspiration for delicious meals, side dishes, breads and pastas, all of which just happen to be gluten free.

If you have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you will be pleased to hear that you can enjoy gluten free versions of your favorite meals, right at home and better than any restaurant.

Come on in, I think you’ll be surprised!


Write to me!  leslie@myglutenfreecucina.com