Milestones – 2 Years Gluten Free

Foodie Friends,

I’m celebrating a birthday this week and looking forward to a brand-new year of good food and good health.

I have another big milestone coming up as well.  This August will mark 2 full years since my Celiac diagnosis, and the beginning of my gluten free life.

What a long way I have come!  I knew nothing about Celiac disease 2 years ago.  And ever since I left that doctor’s office with little more advice than to “eat a gluten free diet”, I have made it my business to learn everything about Celiac and adapt my cooking and baking skills to this new way of living and eating.

There have been many ups and downs along the way.  From my first loaves of bread that were just awful, to learning there might be gluten in vitamins (who knew?), navigating cross contamination, dining out, holiday celebrations and so much more.

Today I feel proud of what I have accomplished.  That Celiac diagnosis was a blessing in disguise.  After decades of unexplained abdominal pain and other issues I now have an answer- and a solution.

My baking adventures have produced some gluten free breads that I am very proud of.  I don’t get “glutened” very often, because I have learned to read ingredient labels and scrutinize restaurant menus.

Today I feel better, stronger and ready to enjoy the best health of my adult life.  Food is a joy to make, eat and share once again.

Thank you all for sharing my journey and being a part of My Gluten Free Cucina!






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