Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Pizza

Ever since my Celiac diagnosis, I have slowly been recreating all of my favorite recipes to be gluten free.  Pizza has been one of “the last frontiers”!  Have I made gluten free pizza?  Sure, I’ve come up with a few acceptable recipes.  Here’s a Sausage and Mushroom Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust that was actually quite good.  I also made a Cauliflower Pizza with BBQ Chicken, a grain free version of today’s recipe.

Still, I was missing the real deal, the pizza that I used to make back in the day.  Then along came Better Batter with their gluten free Artisan Flour Blend, and everything changed.  This flour makes a gluten free pizza with the most amazing crust.  Just the right balance of crisp and chewy.  If you haven’t treated yourself to a bag of this extraordinary gluten free flour yet I hope this post will inspire you!

Today pizza is back in our dinner rotation.  BBQ Chicken Pizza is my favorite, and my “go-to” recipe.  It’s a crowd pleaser that both kids and adults love.  The sweet and savory toppings compliment the crispy gluten free crust.  It is the closest thing to the wheat pizza that I remember so fondly.

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Dough Ingredients:

Topping Ingredients:

  • 12 oz. boneless chicken breast, cut into 1/4″ medallions
  • 4 strips of gluten free bacon, cut into 3/4″ dice
  • 1 medium sweet onion, sliced
  • 1 dozen mushrooms, sliced
  • olive oil
  • gluten free BBQ Sauce (I like Stubbs)
  • gluten free BBQ Seasoning
  • 1-1/2 cups grated cheese

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Combine warm water, yeast and sugar.  Proof for 10 minutes.

Sift the flour and salt into the bowl of a stand mixer.  Combine the yeast mixture, sifted flour and olive oil.  Beat for 6-8 minutes.

Bring the dough together in the bowl, cover and refrigerate for one hour.

While the dough is resting, prepare the toppings.  Heat a large nonstick skillet on medium low.  First cook the bacon and drain on paper towels.  Leave the bacon fat in the skillet.

Cook the onions in the bacon fat until browned and soft, adding more olive oil as needed.  Drain the onions in a colander then transfer to a bowl.

Tip: Drain all of the toppings in a colander so your pizza dough won’t be soggy!

Next, add the mushrooms to the skillet with more olive oil and seasoning.  Cook until they release their liquid, then drain in a colander and transfer to a bowl.

Finally, add the chicken medallions to the skillet with more olive oil and seasoning, turning to brown both sides.  Drain the chicken and transfer to a bowl, then toss with 2 tbsp. BBQ Sauce.

Trim 2 sheets of parchment paper to fit your pizza stone.  Place the pizza stone in the oven and preheat to 500º.  Remove the proofed dough from the refrigerator, it will have doubled in size.

Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces, place each one on a sheet of the prepared parchment and roll each out into a 1/2″ thick circle.  Proof for an additional 30 minutes while the oven preheats.

Brush each piece of dough with olive oil, sprinkle with seasoning then spread with 2-3 tbsp. of BBQ Sauce.

Divide the onions, mushrooms, chicken and bacon between the 2 pizzas.  Top with grated cheese and drizzle with more BBQ Sauce.

Use a large spatula or pizza peel to slide one pizza (including the parchment) onto the heated pizza stone.  After 5 minutes, carefully slide the spatula under the pizza and remove the parchment paper.  Continue baking for an additional 12-13 minutes.  When the first pizza is done, repeat with the second.  There it is!

Two pizzas will generously feed 3-4 people.  The crust was nice and crisp, even in the middle.

Notes ♪♫ This pizza crust was made with Better Batter Artisan Flour Blend which I absolutely love and recommend.  I have not tested the recipe with other brands, so if you do substitute be aware that results will be different.

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